BVBA series CNC Plasma Auto Bevel Cutting Machine
BVBA series CNC plasma auto bevel cutting machine is used in the fields of ship building and construction machinery manufacturing etc. The machine is configured with precision plasma cutting torch rotating device and multi-axis CNC system, it can cut the metal plate to parts with variety of complex bevel. Blanking and bevel cutting can be finished together in cutting process. Whole implements greatly savings overall processing time, the cutting quality is also ensured.



●The patent cutting torch is light, flexible and durable, with up to six degrees of freedom.
●When cutting, it can adjust the position of cutting torch dynamically according to the sensor, compensate the shape error of the workpiece, and effectively avoid interference in the limit position and workpiece.
●The unique advanced algorithm can realize the precise cutting of complex slope Angle and meet the strict AWS welding standard.

CNC Plasma Auto Bevel Cutting Machine


●The patent cutting torch is light, flexible and durable, with up to six degrees of freedom.
●The unique advanced algorithm can realize the precise cutting of complex slope Angle and meet the strict AWS welding standard.

Product series

Large diameter pipe cutting machine


Large bent plate pipe cutting machine


Friction wheel type pipe cutting machine


Chuck type pipe cutting machine


Light type pipe cutting machine


Branch-pipe pipe cutting machine




Simple and intuitive operating software, 3D synchronous preview cutting work pieces

Imported brands for control systems and critical components

Modular structure for easy disassemble, assemble and machine movement on site

Adaptive cutting with good compatibility with dimensional error of the work pieces

Cutting style

Dust removal solution

The head turntable of the chuck type cutting machine is specially designed, and de-dusting duct can be equipped to remove the dust inside the pipe from the hole in the chuck, and the dust removal performance is very good, which is favorable to the environmental protection of the factory.

Device axis configuration selection table

Our Company's equipment provides optional configurations of 3 to 7 axles, and reference can be made to the following table for model selection according to the cutting requirements.

Number of axles

Fixed-scale cutting

Branch-pipe intersecting line cutting

Manifold intersecting line cutting   Branch-pipe groove cutting

Cutting of groove for manifold with an opening of 360°

AWS small-angle groove cutting (composite AWS maritime engineering requirements)

Cutting of heads for pressure vessel

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CNC Plasma Auto Bevel Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma Auto Bevel Cutting Machine

When welding on a thick plate of more than 30mm in thickness, it is required to improve the welding performance by virtue of groove, the traditional process is to trim the workpiece after blanking; in such case, the efficiency is very low, and it is also hard to guarantee the machining effect. Baoye M&E launched a new generation of BVBA cutter for variable groove domestically, which can complete the machining of groove while blanking. The equipment is a high-end cutting device to machine key parts that are used in shipbuilding, engineering machinery manufacturing, etc.

Its patented cutting torch is light and flexible in structure, solid and durable, and has up to 6 degrees of freedom. It can rotate infinitely and continuously within the range of 360°. Therefore, it can meet the cutting requirements of complicated groove.

Main Technical Parameters:

Maximum positioning speed: 24,000mm/min 

Range of groove tilt angle: ±45°

Range of rotation angle: infinite rotation

Collision protection device for plasma cutting torch

Boiler water wall tube Panel Cutting Machine

Boiler water wall tube Panel Cutting Machine

The boiler water wall tube panel is a very special workpiece, with great machining difficulties and high machining demand. It will take time and efforts to process such workpiece if adopting traditional mode of manual operations, and also it is hard to guarantee the processing quality.

For such problem, Our company  adopts a mode combining infinite rotary variable-angle cutting technology and cold machining to solve the difficulties in cutting the workpiece perfectly. The cutting torch can change the tilt angle intelligently according to the shape of workpiece, thus cutting the workpiece in a high-quality manner.

The cutting machine, adopting the mode of 3D 8-axle control (among which 5 axles links together), can cut the 3D space curve on the surface of tube panel. By configuring a laser detector, the cutter can position the cutting position of tube panel accurately, and scan the relative position of tube and steel fat, and feed back the data to principal computer, so as to ensure accurate cutting of tube panel.

Also, it can not only cut the ends of tube panel, but also cut opening in the middle: diamond, triangle and other 2D shapes.

After adding with plasma, the equipment can cut the tube panel and open groove on the ends in one operation, so as to cut the tube panel conveniently and effectively.

The equipment has been used by many domestic users for a long term, and obtained remarkable economic benefits.


Main Technical Parameters:

● Track width: 4-7m (or as required by user)

● Track length (as required by user)

● Rapid moving speed: 12m/min

● Powder spraying and marking speed: 9m/min

● Cutting speed: 0-6m/min

● Range of groove angle: 0-45°

● 3D swing speed of cutting torque: 30 rpm

● Cutting accuracy of groove angle: ±2°

● Plasma power: Hypertherm or Victor Thermal Dynamics or Kjellberg 

● Position: Laser

● Working gas: oxygen, compressed air, fuel gas (as required by user and plasma power) 

● Power: 220v/380 v/50 Hz

Thick Billet Cutting Machine

Thick Billet Cutting Machine

The equipment adopts double-sided drive, and the girder adopts cantilever construction, which can facilitate the hoisting of large-size workpiece.


The equipment adopts tailor-made cutting torch, which can generate supersonic high-pressure air flow, and cut the billet of up to 1,500mm in thickness directly, while the kerf is only 25mm in width, with little metal loss as well. The equipment improve the machining efficiency and quality of such workpiece significantly.


The main parts of equipment are wrapped by thermal insulation materials and are configured with internal water-cooled circulation, thereby resisting high temperature and flame spatter. The equipment can also make thermal cutting for the billet with temperature of up to 950℃.

Main Technical Parameters:

● Effective horizontal movement distance: 3000mm

● Effective longitudinal movement distance: 12000mm

● Up-down movement distance of cutting torch: 1800mm

● Flame cutting thickness: 300-1200mm

● Cutting billet temperature: maximum 950℃

● Cutting speed: 0-200mm/min

● The speed of empty car walking: 6000mm/min

● Cutting mode: flame cutting

● Drive mode: double-sided drive

Automatic Cutting Production Line with Profile Steel Robot

Automatic Cutting Production Line with Profile Steel Robot

The production line adopts robot trajectory tracking control technique, and integrates the proven cutting techniques of the Company, and can open grooves, holes and make high-quality cutting on steel flat, steel angle, flat-bulb steel for vessel. Also, it can feed and blank the materials continuously and automatically, and produces automatically.

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