Shanghai baoye electromechanical technology co., LTD. Was founded in 2001 and approved as Shanghai high-tech enterprise in 2008. The company has more than 15 years of experience in the field of special intelligent equipment for welding and cutting, and the related equipment has been widely used in shipbuilding, metallurgy, automobile and energy industries. In recent years, the company is committed to providing the customers with intelligent manufacturing solutions, and has many intelligent production lines in the automotive and shipbuilding industries. The company focuses on innovation and research and development, and dares to challenge uncharted territory. The company has developed a number of sophisticated intelligent equipment to fill the gap in the country, to solve the national key equipment needs to make a contribution. In 2015, the company established the cooperation platform of industry-university-research cooperation with Shanghai jiaotong university's key laboratory of laser manufacturing and material modification, and the company's development ushered in a new starting point.


◆ Intelligent cutting equipment


◆ Intelligent welding equipment

The intelligent expert welding process from Shanghai Jiao Tong University can realize high quality welding of complex shape parts and special materials by combining with welding robot and welding special equipment.

◆ Intelligent Industry Software

The company has a high level software development team, and has been devoted to the research and development of industrial automation software for many years, forming a set of intelligent industrial software platform with CAM, SOP and MES.

◆ Smart production line

The company has accumulated rich experience in robotics and integration. Able to plan, design and implement the entire plant's unmanned flexible production.



  • Island welding workstation -- a flexible welding production line with small area

    On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2017, we are still in the joyful celebrating atmosphere of the new year. The engineer of our department is simulating and trying to teach. It is working overtime for the island type welding workstation so as to win the customer's time. After this long holiday, we successfully debugged the island welding workstation for our customers. Now ...

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  • 2017

    Cooperated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to complete and deliver the first domestic production line project of the domestically produced LNG Marine enhanced polyurethane insulator.

  • 2016

    The company delivers the first flexible automatic automobile structural parts welding production line.

  • 2015

    The company completes the reorganization, introduces the new core team. To be the production and research base of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Welding Engineering Institute. Combined with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we completed the robot sandblasting system and passed the final user acceptance.


    • 2014

      In cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, we successfully completed the development of the production line of the first domestically produced LNG ship enclosure system, and the production efficiency and yield rate exceeded the imported production line. To complete the intelligent control system project of wireless multi-terminal welding machine, to make contribution to our country's national defense.

    • 2013

      Complete two sections of automatic cutting production line project; The BP-Cut intersecting software completes the major upgrade and realizes the development interface for the international famous steel structure design software Tekla.

    • 2012

      Completed the project of high temperature furnace control system of national key project of Shanghai University.

    • 2011

      In cooperation with Shanghai Jiaot Tong University, we have successfully carried out the domestication and transformation project of China's first import LNG insulated box production line through fierce competition with foreign rivals. The major improvement of the VBA cutting machine of the nc plasma variable groove is successful, and the product performance can reach the level of imported similar products.

    • 2010

      Based on CAD platform, the first edition of BP-Cut was completed, and the market was officially launched.

    • 2009

      It can meet the AWS standard of seven axis CNC intersecting line cutting machine into the market. Completed several mechanical and electrical integration projects such as Baosteel three-precision silicon steel coil insulation cover.

    • 2008

      Completed a number of mechatronics projects such as new welding laboratory equipment for the technical center of Baosteel stainless steel branch. The company has been approved as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise.

    • 2007

      The CNC plasma VBA variable groove cutting machine and large thickness billet cutting machine are introduced. Completed a number of mechanical and electrical integration projects such as baosteel 1580 CNC silicon steel end face heating device.

    • 2006

      The company has become a strategic partner of Baosteel Group.

    • 2004

      Completed many electromechanical integration projects such as Baosteel 2# painted export roller support and transmission optimization. To realize the comprehensive upgrade of the intersecting line cutting system, and to obtain the copyright of "Intersecting Line Cutting Software" in the same year.

    • 2003

      Completed many electromechanical integration projects such as the test production line of the technology center of Baosteel.

    • 2002

      Completed a number of automation transformation projects such as Shanghai steel tube factory mobile stepping beam and so on.

    • 2001

      The company is incorporated. In the same year, we introduced the self-developed intersecting line cutting system, and completed 4 automation projects, such as the transformation of cold drawing machine of Shanghai steel pipe factory.