Intersecting line cutting machine

●The patent cutting torch is light, flexible and durable, with up to six degrees of freedom.
●When cutting, it can adjust the position of cutting torch dynamically according to the sensor, compensate the shape error of the workpiece, and effectively avoid interference in the limit position and workpiece.
●The unique advanced algorithm can realize the precise cutting of complex slope Angle and meet the strict AWS welding standard.

Variable bevel angle cutting machine

●The patent cutting torch is light, flexible and durable, with up to six degrees of freedom.
●The unique advanced algorithm can realize the precise cutting of complex slope Angle and meet the strict AWS welding standard.

Tube panels cutting machine

●The patent cutting torch is light, flexible and durable, with up to six degrees of freedom.
●The proprietary process is optimized for the difficult cutting parts to achieve an incredible cutting effect.
●The combination of cold processing and heat processing can guarantee the machining accuracy and achieve high machining efficiency.

Large thickness billet cutting machine

●The patented supersonic high-pressure gas cutting torch can cut the steel billet with a thickness of 1200mm and greatly improve the processing efficiency of such parts.
●The high - frame cantilever structure is used to facilitate the hoisting operation of large size workpiece.
●The highly reliable mechanical and electrical structures can withstand high heat and fire spatter, and protect operators' safety and comfort.

Robot automatic profile steel cutting production line

●The robot combines the special cutting process to realize the cutting and opening of various complex shape steel.
●The robot can resist dust and high temperature environment in confined space after special protection.
●Combined with automatic feeding mechanism, automatic and unmanned production is realized.

Intersecting line cutting machine


CNC intersecting line cutting machine is widely used in construction, chemical engineering, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, electric power and other industries of pipeline structural parts cutting processing. CNC nozzle-vessel junction line function is very convenient for cutting processing of the curve of the cross line space, without the operator computing, programming, simply type pipe phase of the system parameters such as radius of pipe, the intersection Angle, the machine can automatically cut out the curve of the pipe hole curve, and the welding groove.

In 2001, Shanghai Baoye M&E Technology Co., LTD., introduced the multi-axis intersecting cutting machine in China, which successfully broke the monopoly of imported brands. In the past twenty years of development, Baoye's intersecting line cutting machine has been continuously improved and upgraded, and more than ten specifications have been developed. The product has gained a good reputation in the market with reliable performance, excellent processing quality and simple operation.

Product series

Y series automatic feed type intersecting line cutting machine


The workpiece is fixed with spherical bearing bracket, and the workpiece is convenient for radial movement and can be automatically fed through the center of the chuck.

X series roller bracket type intersecting line cutting machine.


The workpiece is fixed by the wheel bracket, and the power is transmitted through the chuck at one end, which is suitable for the long size workpiece. A single card can cut multiple pieces of work.

Q series friction wheel intersecting line cutting machine


The workpiece provides the power through the friction roller at the bottom, and the upper and lower materials need not adjust the level, which is very fast. Suitable for large pipe diameter and heavy

C series curved plate intersecting line cutting machine


Double chuck type, suitable for special shape workpiece loading and cutting. Including: bending plate workpiece, bending pipe and so on.

M series large pipe diameter intersecting line cutting machine


Adopt the gantry truss structure, suitable for the cutting of large size workpiece. This type of product is widely used in boiler and wind power industry

T series light intersecting line cutting machine


The workpiece is fixed in a chuck, suitable for the small diameter of the workpiece. Especially suitable for welding with flange joints. The equipment is very light and suitable for field construction


The adaptive cutting has good compatibility to the size error of the workpiece


Modular structure, easy disassembly and transportation


Adopt famous brand control system and parts for high reliability


The software is easy to operate, 3D browsing the details of the workpiece


Cutting style

Dust removal solution

The chuck type cutter is specially designed in the rotating part of the machine head. It can be equipped with the dust removal pipe, and the dust removal is carried out from the hole in the chuck. The dust removal effect is very ideal. It helps the factory to protect the environment.

Device axis configuration selection table

The company's equipment provides the optional configuration of 3~7 axis, can refer to the following table according to the cutting requirements to select type.
CNC axis
Cutting in length
Branch pipe cutting 
Main pipe cutting 
Branch pipe bevel cutting
Main pipe bevel cutting
Branch pipe bevel cutting meet AWS 
Pressure vessel head cutting
3  √            
4  √ √   √      
5  √  √ √   √ √     
6  √  √ √   √  √    
7  √  √  √  √  √ √  √ 

Variable bevel angle cutting machine

When more than 30 mm thick plate welding need to improve groove welding performance, the traditional process is after next material artifacts for trimming, such not only the efficiency is very low, and is difficult to guarantee the effect of the processing. The new BVBA type variable groove cutting machine introduced in China is able to complete the processing of groove at the same time. The equipment is a high - end cutting equipment for machining key parts in shipbuilding and engineering machinery manufacturing.
Patented cutting torch structure is light and flexible, stable and durable, can have up to six degrees of freedom. To achieve within the range of 360 ° infinite continuous rotary. Can meet the cutting needs of complex groove.
The device control system is equipped with a unique advanced algorithm, and it is equipped with the graphics programming software which can quickly get the hands on. It can realize the cutting of complex slope angles in various forms and meet the strict AWS welding standards


Typical cutting samples

Main technical specifications:

> maximum positioning speed: 24000mm/min.

> groove angular range: plus or minus 45 °

> rotation Angle range: infinite rotation.

> plasma cutting torch collision protection device.


Boiler water wall tube screen cutting machine

Boiler water wall tube screen cutting machine

Boiler water wall tube screen is a very special kind of workpiece, which is difficult to process and requires high machining. The traditional manual method is time-consuming and difficult to guarantee the quality.

To solve this problem, the company creatively solves the cutting problem of this kind of workpiece with the combination of infinite rotary variable Angle cutting machine and cold machining. The cutting torch can change the tilt Angle intelligently according to the shape of the workpiece to achieve high quality cutting.

The cutting machine is controlled by three dimensional eight axis (five axis linkage), which can cut the three-dimensional space curve on the surface of the pipe screen. Can be configured laser detectors, accurate position the tube cutting, and the relative position of pipe, flat scanning, data feedback first machine, to ensure accurate cutting of the tube.

Can be realized, pipe screen end cutting, central open window: diamond shape, triangle and other 2d graphics cutting.

After the plasma is added, the cutting of the pipe screen and the opening of the end of the groove are formed to achieve a convenient and efficient pipe cutting.

The device has long been used by many users in China, and has produced obvious economic benefits.

Main technical parameters:

Track width: 4-7m (or according to user's requirement)

Length of track :(according to user requirements)

Fast moving speed: 12m/min.

Marking speed: 9m/min.

Cutting speed: 0-6m/min.

Low slope Angle range: 0-45 °

The 3d oscillation speed of the moment: 30 RPM.

Low slope Angle cutting accuracy: plus or minus 2 °

A plasma power source: American highball or American freeter.

Location: laser

Working gas: oxygen, compressed air, gas (according to user requirements)

Power supply: 220v/380 v/50 Hz.

Large thickness billet cutting machine

Large thickness billet cutting machine

The equipment is bilaterally driven, and the main beam adopts cantilever structure to facilitate the lifting of large size workpiece.

The equipment can in the heat of big thickness of billet cutting, according to size of steel plant rolling mill under just hot billet cutting, as well as for large components, such as Marine crankshaft blanking cutting. Compared with conventional machining, the equipment can greatly reduce processing time and reduce processing cost.

The device USES a special cutting torch to produce supersonic high-pressure airflow, which can cut the steel billet at the thickness of up to 1500 mm, with a width of only 25mm and very little metal loss. The equipment greatly improves the processing efficiency and quality of such workpiece.

The main parts of the device are insulated and internally cooled, which can withstand high temperatures and spatter of flames. The device can also directly billet of temperature as high as 950 ℃ hot cutting.

Main technical parameters:

Horizontal effective moving distance: 3000mm.

Vertical effective moving distance: 12000mm.

The cutting torch moves up and down: 1800mm.

Flame cutting thickness: 300-1200mm.

Low cutting billet temperature: 950 ℃

Cutting speed: 0-200mm/min.

Travel speed: 6000mm/min.

Cutting mode: flame cutting.

Drive mode: bilaterally driven.

Marine section steel robot automatic cutting production line

Marine section steel robot automatic cutting production line

The production line adopts the robot trajectory control technology, combined with the mature of the cutting process, to Marine flat steel, Angle steel, flat steel ball for open groove, hole and other forms of high cutting quality. And can realize automatic continuous feeding and feeding, realizing automatic production.

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