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BCNCG series friction wheel type is a structure that can cut large-diameter steel pipe. The bracket consists of  two rows of rollers , the  rollers are bilateral drive to ensure a smooth rotation of the pipe. Steel pipe will be placed in the middle of rollers, no need to adjust the level.
placing the pipe on the racket of the friction wheel, it rotates by friction of wheel rotating, transverse carriage of torch move along the length direction of  the pipe, CNC system coordinate pipe rotation with transverse torch movement to cut the intersecting line of the pipe, and torch swing mechanism(if you need) made variety of  bevel cutting.


  1. Easy to operate, loading and unloading pipe quickly.
  2. High efficiency for the pipe, without blind spots when install cards
  3. Pipe loading, no need to adjust the bracket level, also eliminates the need to operator chuck.
  4. 6 axis CNC system can meet the needs of most industry.
  5. High cutting efficiency, the cutting can be done from any side. Eliminating the time to move the transverse carriage to free side.


  1. Cutting diameter Φ = 60-600,140-800,219-1000,600-1500,800-2000 mm
  2. Gas cutting thickness :6-100mm (if the customer has special requirements, it can be customized in advance)
  3. According to the matching plasma cutting abilities of the power
  4. Effective cutting length: 2m-14m (if the customer has special requirements, it can be customized in advance)
  5. Cutting speed:
    gas cutting speed V = 10-750mm/min
    Plasma cutting speed V = 10-3000mm/min
  6. Non-loaded speed V0 = 10-6000 mm / min
  7. Main rotation method: friction wheel
  8. Bracket form: the overall friction wheel
  9. Pipe ovality requirements: ≤ 1%

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