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BCNCG series chuck type is the most popular structure of pipe cutting machine,the main parts are lathe-hedd ,moving carriage,lifting mechanism, swing mechanism, bracket, chassis, CNC system etc., each axis can be flexibly configured to meet the different needs from customers.
Chuck will clamp pipe and rotate when working,pipe will be supported by the the movable bracket in the length direction of the pipe, moving carriage of the cutting torch move in the direction of pipe length ,CNC system coordinate pipe rotation with transverse torch movement to cut the intersecting line of the pipe, and torch swing mechanism(if you need) made variety of bevel cutting.


1.Simple structure,less demanding to the tube roundness, straightness, diameter error.
2 brackes are free to move, flex to operate.
3 Touch computer operation, reasonable structure, easy to operate.
4 The cutting program can cover the shole pipe.
5 high precision of cutting.
6.8-axis computerized numerical control system, high precision of cutting.
7. Segmentation design, easy installation, low demand on the basis of installation.


  1. The cutting diameter:50-600 ,50-800 ,50-1000mm
  2. Flame cutting pipe thickness :6-100mm
  3. Effective cutting length of the workpiece: 2m-14m
  4. Plasma cutting thickness: depends on the plasma cutting capability.
  5. Cutting speed:
    Flame cutting: V = 10-750mm/min
    Plasma Cutting: V = 10-3000mm/min
  6. No-load speed :10-6000 mm / min
  7. Torch axis swing angle α = ± 60 °
  8. Torch radial swing angle β = ± 55 °
  9. Rotation style: chuck
  10. Chuck bracket forms: manual height adjustment bracket.
  11. Chuck bracket number: 1 pair every 3 meters, 2 pairs at least.

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