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Flame cutting machine og high-temperature heavy duty is mainly utilized in the cutting of the heavy duty billet in high temperature , especially for the cut of the hot billet removed from rolling mill, the equipment has been put into use in Baosteel, the operation results are satisfactory.


  1. Cantilevered structure, be free to horizontal, vertical movement, can easily adjust the torch position, the billet to a straight line.
  2. Cycle cooling system, that ensure the equipment can work in a hot environment.
  3. Frequency control and many other control techniques, simple operation, smooth running.
  4. Advanced composite structure torch, self cooling system that ensure the large thickness of the billet cutting temperature.
  5. Car speed indicating instrument and a variety of indicators, clear indication of equipment operation.


  1. Main technical parameters
  2. Cut billet thickness: 60-650mm
  3. Cutting billet temperature: 600-950 ℃
  4. Horizontal distance: 2000mm
  5. Horizontal speed: 0-500mm/min
  6. Torch lift distance: 550mm
  7. Torch lift speed: 0-200mm/min
  8. Vertical distance: on-demand arrangement
  9. Vertical speed: 50-2000mm/min (stepless)
  10. Power: 4KW
  11. Device power: AC380V (three-phase four-wire), 50Hz

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