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BVBA serices CNC automatic bevel plasma cutting machine is used in shipbuilding, construction machinery and other areas. This type of cutting machine can be configured with rotating precision plasma cutting torch and multi-axis CNC system, it can cut parts with variety of complex bevel. Loading and bevel cutting  can be finished easily in cutting process. Achieve significant savings in overall processing time, the cutting quality is also ensured.


  1. Unlimited rotation of cutting torch.The cutting torch 360 °"infinite rotation", line don't wrap into account.
  2. High precision and high rigidity of the mechanical structure.Cutting machine structure with low center of gravity, moment of double pendulum cut with a high rigidity body structure and stable, reliable positioning accuracy.
  3. The automatic torch height controller.Automatically torch height controller is used which is speciality torch height controller technology of bevel cutting, the control precision of ± 0.1mm. In the cutting process, cutting torch is rotating,  rotating angle always keeping  constant distance to the plate,it is  in the best cutting condition.
  4. High-end CNC system.NC-PC structure CNC system is used in cutting machine, WINDOWS operating platform, it can easily exchange information with the host computer. To achieve 8-axis NC control, with a specific variant groove curve control algorithms, feature-rich, simple, intuitive graphical display.


  1. Rail width: 5m, 5.5 m, 6m, 6.5m, 7m (or by customer request)
  2. Track length: (according to customer's requirements)
  3. Rapid moving speed: 15m/min
  4. marking speed: 10m/min
  5. Cutting speed: 0-6m/min
  6. bevel angle:    ±45 °
  7. cutting torch 3-D rotating speed:  30 rpm
  8. Cutting accuracy of slope angle: ± 0.5 °
  9. Plasma power: United States Treasure HPR260XD/HPR400XD
  10. Cutting steel plate thickness: 6-32 mm
  11. Laser positioning: Red Cross
  12. Working gas:oxygen, compressed air, gas
  13. Power: 220v/380 v/50 Hz

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