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BCNCF series CNC pipe-flange welding machine is a special design machine to weld pipe with flange .the equipment is used in shipbuilding, steel structure,petrochemical industry.it can implement automatic weld pipe with flange.it can work with four welding torch so promote efficiency very much. both can weld plug in  and butt joint pipe-flange.working with four welding torch to promotive efficiency very much, and keep the good welding quality to leave out the disposal times and cost.welding torch position can adjust depending on the workpiece's circumstances to keep the welding quality.Pipe-flange welding machine is used programmable logic controller to make the automatic welding system.the operation panel is in the control cabinet,it is used man-machine interface.operation intuitive and convenient.welding power is international brands,stable and reliable performance.


  1. Working with four welding torch to promotive efficiency very much
  2. The detection of the clearance of the fit-up workpieces.
  3. The axial and radial tracking function.
  4. The open system of expert welding parameters.
  5. The fault alarm function.
  6. It can be used with fitting-up machine as a production line


  1. Welding diameter:φ108-630mm、φ215-800mm;φ215-800mm (or by customer request)。
  2. Pipe thickness:4-22MM;
  3. Flange thickness:10-60MM;
  4. Pipe length:1000-5500MM;
  5. Welding torch swing accuracy:0.1mm;
  6. Max swing distance: ±55mm;
  7. Swing frequecy: 0-150 times/ miniter;
  8. Stop time: 0-10 second;
  9. Gas requirement:CO2 purity 99.99%;compressed air:inlet pressure 0.4MPa;

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