Automotive Industry Solutions

Automotive Industry Solutions

Company production, cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the advanced welding technology and robot automation equipment technology to fully mix, in the domestic first to introduce flexible welding production line for automotive structural parts solution, improved the space utilization and production efficiency

Robot island flexible welding production line

Shanghai Baoye M&E Technology Co., LTD. in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Welding Engineering Research Institute, successfully broke through the key technology of robot island flexible welding production line. This kind of production line has extremely high space utilization, and can realize the common line production of many kinds of car parts in a small block.

In some processes, multiple robots need to cooperate with each other to complete a task. Shanghai bao industry electromechanical combined with many years of experience in the application of robot, in USES the brand more robots to our production lines, and let the robot of different brand, director of the play, and able to work together.

The production line adopts the intelligent error design, which effectively avoids the human error of the material link and affects the normal flow line of the production line.


Welding fixture automatic switch type flexible welding production line

Shanghai Baoye M&E Technology Co., LTD. And cooperating with Shanghai Jiao Tong University Welding Engineering Institute, innovative combining intelligent logistics technology and robot welding technology, the robot welding fixture can be automatically switch and storage management. The production line can quickly complete the switch in a short time to produce different parts of different models. Compared with traditional manual switching welding fixture, the efficiency is greatly improved.

The jig flexible warehouse can store 3 models, more than 70 sets of jig. Can meet the needs of more than 20 robot welding workstations.


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