Software development engineer (industrial control)

Salary :Salary is negotiable.
Other benefits: offer five social insurance and one housing fund, performance award, double take, free lunch, and accommodation for single employees.

●The demand analysis and architecture design of the industrial control software;
●Rational choice of development framework, platform and middleware;
●Using UML to design and model software in detail;
●Communicate with other engineers, design interface and communication protocol;
●To carry out programming work according to the requirements of the software detailed design specification;
●Responsible for the compilation, modification, updating and archiving of the software design output data.
●To guide software installation, debugging, troubleshooting and solve problems in actual operation;
●summarize the software project, track the feedback, analyze the running data, improve and improve the design;
●To compile software instructions and relevant training materials;
Job requirements:
●Bachelor degree or above, majored in automation, control science and computer science.
●More than 3 years experience in software development; Experience in industrial control and MES related software development is preferred.
●Familiarity with common object-oriented high-level languages, such as C++/C#/JAVA, at least one of the programming languages.
●Familiar with software engineering, familiar with middleware developer preferred;
●Familiar with various communication protocols, especially the industrial control bus protocol, such as EtherCAT, CAN, Modbus, etc.
●It has a good foundation in mathematics, has a certain algorithm foundation, and is able to use MATLAB skillfully. Experience in mathematical modeling is preferred.
●I have good reading ability in English literature, and I am able to use professional related vocabulary to make a reasonable name in the process of programming.
●In the face of technical difficulties, I can think calmly, have strong logical analysis ability and solve problems independently.
●I am active, responsible, honest and honest, and have good communication skills and teamwork skills.
●I can bear hardships and stand hard work, have certain ability to resist pressure, work earnestly and responsibly, rigorous and meticulous, have strong practical ability;
●With innovative thinking, I can think independently. Good at learning and summarizing experience, willing to study, dare to try new techniques, new methods;


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