Boiler pressure vessel Industry Solution

Boiler pressure vessel Industry Solution

The company's large thickness, large pipe diameter and water-wall pipe screen cutting products developed in the boiler pressure vessel industry meet the needs of leading enterprises in many industries.

M series large pipe diameter intersecting line cutting machine

Applicable pipe diameter range: 800-2000mm.
Adopt the gantry truss structure, suitable for the cutting of large size workpiece. This type of product is widely used in boiler and wind power industry.


Boiler water wall tube screen cutting machine

Boiler water wall tube screen is a very special kind of workpiece, which is difficult to process and requires high machining. The traditional manual method is time-consuming and difficult to guarantee the quality.

To solve this problem, the company creatively solves the cutting problem of this kind of workpiece with the combination of infinite rotary variable Angle cutting machine and cold machining. The cutting torch can change the tilt Angle intelligently according to the shape of the workpiece to achieve high quality cutting.

The cutting machine is controlled by three dimensional eight axis (five axis linkage), which can cut the three-dimensional space curve on the surface of the pipe screen. Can be configured laser detectors, accurate position the tube cutting, and the relative position of pipe, flat scanning, data feedback first machine, to ensure accurate cutting of the tube.

Can be realized, pipe screen end cutting, central open window: diamond shape, triangle and other 2d graphics cutting.

After the plasma is added, the cutting of the pipe screen and the opening of the end of the groove are formed to achieve a convenient and efficient pipe cutting.

The device has long been used by many users in China, and has produced obvious economic benefits.

Main technical parameters:

Track width: 4-7m (or according to user's requirement)

Length of track :(according to user requirements)

Fast moving speed: 12m/min.

Marking speed: 9m/min.

Cutting speed: 0-6m/min.

Low slope Angle range: 0-45 °

The 3d oscillation speed of the moment: 30 RPM.

Low slope Angle cutting accuracy: plus or minus 2 °

A plasma power source: American highball or American freeter.

Location: laser

Working gas: oxygen, compressed air, gas (according to user requirements)

Power supply: 220v/380 v/50 Hz.


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